Stellar Communications Group

In-Building Public Safety Radio Solutions

for Police, Fire and First Responders


Stellar Communications offers a wide variety of services to cover all your in- building public safety radio communication requirements.

BDA Consulting for Pre and Post Construction

Our experts provide each Client with an in-depth education on regulations, compliance, and local requirements. After an assessment of what your company needs is performed, we will then design the best solution for your building.

BDA Site Survey and iBwave Design/Engineering

We conduct field surveys of new and existing buildings and provide an in-depth report of what was recorded during the survey. This allows us to provide a Scope of Work of the project and and gives our engineers the necessary information to design an optimal solution. We will stay in direct contact with the local AHJ ensuring that we meet all of their requirements

BDA Permit Processing

Our team will work directly with the electricans and fire alarm companies on what revisions may be required on their plans for the BDA system. We will obstain the required approvals and permits for construction to meet all local jurisdiction regulations.

Public Safety BDA/DAS Installation.

From the time the first permit is approved, we will work directly with all vendors ensuring that the job life cycle is as problem free as possible. We will install the public safety system ensuring it is operating to meet FCC requirements. Additionally, we adjust all design specifications and installation practices to meet AHJ requirements. The last step is having a qualified team on site during the final AHJ inspection to ensure that the inspection goes as smoothly as possible.

Product Sales

Stellar Communications offers intelligent Made in USA Battery Backup Systems, a complete selection of Public Safety low PIM passive devices, as well as N connectors. Our products are in stock and available for immediate delivery. 

BDA Mandatory Service Agreements and Annual Inspections

A mandatory Service Agreement is required for every BDA system in order to ensure that the system is performing correctly and not negatively affecting the Public Safety Communication Network. Stellar can assess your system and repair or replace any necessary components to bring your building up to code. A yearly inspection, 24 hour on call service and a yearly in-building RSSI report is included with every Stellar Communications Service Agreement.