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The Ideal Partner For BDA DAS Solutions

Stellar Communications Group provides fire department and first responder in-building emergency communications solutions, or BDA DAS solutions, throughout the State of Florida and South Eastern US region. We are dedicated solely to public safety in-building two way radio frequency engineering and are uniquely able to deploy supplemental in-building systems with 100% Certificate of Occupancy or Temporary Certificate of Occupancy approval. Stellar Communication Group's in-house expert staff delivers turn-key BDA DAS solutions that meet or exceed all mandated federal, state, and local AHJ requirements. Additionally, we offer in-house IBwave design and engineering services, Pre-construction BDA DAS design consultation and OEM Product Sales. Stellar Communications Group is the proud manufacturer and distributor of our state-of-the-art and scalable BBU in our Coral Springs, Florida, USA facility.

Turn-key Solutions

Meeting all mandated federal, state, and local code compliance requirements.


Intelligent Made in USA Battery Backup Systems, a complete selection of Public Safety low PIM passive devices, as well as N connectors. Our products are in stock and available for immediate delivery. 

BDA DAS Service Contracts

Mandatory BDA DAS service agreements, including an annual inspection, 24 hour on-call service, as well as an annual in-building RSSI report.

IBwave Design Engineering

Full range of Ibwave design services for pre-construction and post-construction integrations. Our in-house team of IBwave certified engineers offer smart engineered IBwave design solutions meeting requirements of all scale and scope.

Proven Compliance Results

Trust the experience and insight driven stellar approach. With a 100% Certificate Of Occupancy and Temporary Certificate of Occupancy track record, 10k + insights provided, and 50+ years of RF experience.

Made In America Manufacturing

As a veteran operated business, we understand the importance and benefits of made in America products. Speak with a distribution representative to learn more.

Come Visit Our Warehouse

Located in Coral Springs, Florida, the Stellar Communications Warehouse is home to our in-house staff of engineers, IBwave designers, customer success representatives, installers, and project managers. Schedule a guided tour and meeting in order to gain a better understanding of the stellar solution which is right for you!

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