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Stellar was incorporated 15 years ago as a manufacturer of ERRCS System components. As the demand for expertise in public safety ERRCS has grown, so have our capabilities and services- allowing us to serve as industry leaders in providing safe and effective ERRCS solutions for all applications.

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Stellar Communications Group

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Fire, Police, and EMS rely on First Responder Radio Communications when responding to in-building incidents. When communications are critical, partner with Stellar Communications.


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What is ERRCS?

ERRCS (Emergency Responder Radio Communications System) offers an effective solution for enhancing in-building First Responder Radio coverage. The installation of ERRCS systems must adhere to the requirements set by the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), specifically the Fire Department, and the local FCC License Holder. Increasingly, Fire Departments are enforcing NFPA 1221, which outlines the minimum coverage requirements for First Responder Radio coverage.

ERRCS Requirements

NFPA 1221, NFPA 72, and IFC 510 all establish minimum coverage requirements for in-building radio communications for First Responders. The ERRCS Requirements encompass the codes adopted by the local Fire Department and FCC License Holder to define these minimum coverage requirements. This process involves conducting a series of standardized tests that generate a comprehensive report highlighting any coverage deficiencies within the building. It is important to note that while there are standardized tests, each local Fire Department or AHJ may have their own distinct set of requirements.

What does it mean if my building fails ERRCS testing?

After conducting ERRCS testing, the report(s) generated from the First Responder radio coverage testing will be submitted to both the local AHJ and FCC license holder. If the in-building radio frequency coverage fails to meet the code requirements as determined by the local AHJ, an in-building supplemental emergency responder radio communication enhancement system becomes necessary. It is crucial to note that each AHJ has its own specific set of code requirements, and only the local AHJ can determine whether an ERRCS system installation will be required for your building.

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