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ERRCS System Testing Solutions

Chapter 11.10 of the Florida Fire Protection Code is now being enforced by your local AHJ (fire department). This code calls for ERRCS Systems to be installed in buildings with insufficient public safety radio coverage. If your building has been notified of this requirement, how can you be assured that you have chosen a qualified and knowledgeable BDA company?

Are you aware that most companies lack the necessary RF (Radio Frequency) experience required to accurately test, survey and design in-building BDA systems?

  • Is your ERRCS System contractor's radio frequency engineering team in-house?

  • Outsourced testing, design, and installation may result in discrepancy between work conducted and code guidelines.

Each jurisdiction may have its own set of guidelines which must be followed by your ERRCS contractor. Stellar Communications excels in due diligence, even clarifying code misinterpretation with the AHJ. It is our experience that other companies fail their due diligence, either purposefully or out of incompetence.

As a retired Fire Marshal/AHJ I find Stellar Communications Group represents the pinnacle of the RF in-building ERRCS solutions industry and I highly recommend their work to every Owner, Contractor and Authority Having Jurisdiction throughout Florida.

- Mr. Ed Steffens
FMR Collier County / Spectrum RF

How We Help

Ensure Effective Public Safety In-Building Communications Capability

  • Code Compliant ERRCS Testing

  • 3rd party survey audit

  • 3rd party ERRCS System Quote Review

  • ERRCS Code Consultation

What is ERRCS?

ERRCS (Emergency Responder Radio Communications System) offers an effective solution for enhancing in-building First Responder Radio coverage. The installation of ERRCS must adhere to the requirements set by the local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), specifically the Fire Department, and the local FCC License Holder.

What are the different types of ERRCS System tests?

Preliminary ERRCS testing may consist of RSSI testing, DAQ testing, and Pre-acceptance X number testing.

What is RSSI and RSSI testing?

RSSI is an acronym for Received Signal Strength Indication. An in-building RSSI test maps the signal strength of a radio signal, typically that of a public safety radio system. The in-building radio signal strength results are then displayed on 20 x 20 grids on top of your building floor plans. Each individual 20 x 20 grid indicates a localized radio signal coverage strength, identifying all in-building public safety coverage deficiency.