BBU 3000 Series

Advanced Battery Back Up Unit 3000
    BBU 3000 Series Details

    • NFPA 1221 & 72 Compliant Advanced Battery Backup Unit
    configurable and scalable from 80Ah to 300 Ah capacity battery enclosers included.
    • Batteries and NEMA 3R Battery Enclosures Included
    • NEMA 4 Rated BBU Enclosure
    • Remote Annunciator Included.
    • Up to 8 remote annunciators may be connected to one BBU
    • Annunciator Mounts to Standard Dual Gang Low Voltage j-box
    • Supports Single or Dual BDA Systems
    • AC input, 24 Volt DC Output
    • Tamper Proof with Lock and Key
    • UL2524 2nd Edition Listing with SGS, Nationally Recognized
    Testing Laboratory (NRTL) approved by OSHA for UL2524
    • Buy American Compliant


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    Advanced Battery Back Up Unit 3000
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