Stellar Communications Group

In-Building Public Safety Radio Solutions

for Police, Fire and First Responders

Reliable BDA/DAS Solutions for Existing and New Buildings.

One of the biggest challenges in Public Safety communications is to keep mission-critical first responders connected at all times and in all places. In an emergency situation, whether in a fire command room, a stairwell, or inside an elevator, it is of vital importance to ensure clear and continuous communication with first responders who risk their lives to save others.


For this reason, more and more jurisdictions and local authorities are requiring to test that communications between Emergency and First Responder radios are clearly received inside a building before providing owners and managers with a certificate of occupancy. This requirement is so important today that it has become a building code mandate in many counties and cities.


At Stellar Communications we are committed to the manufacturing and design of a complete range of public safety communications solutions, solely targeting the UHF, VHF, 700 & 800MHz Public Safety communication bands.