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I have worked directly with Stellar Communications Group for many projects and can say they are an incredibly professional BDA company.

Jeff Collins, FMR Fire Chief Palm Beach, Collins Fire Protection and Life Safety Services

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As a retired Fire Marshal/AHJ I find Stellar Communications Group represents the pinnacle of the RF in-building BDA solutions industry and I highly recommend their work to every Owner, Contractor and Authority Having Jurisdiction throughout Florida.
Ed Steffens, FMR Fire Marshal, Lee County / Spectrum RF

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It is JWR"s Pleasure to unequivocally recommend Stellar Communications Group Incorporated to potential clients in need of a turn-key provider of Emergency Radio Responder Radio Coverage BDA/DAS Systems.

Stellar Communications Group successfully answered JWR Construction Services, Inc.'s very difficult challenge to evaluate its building and produce a design-build BDA Proposal- in an accelerated manner- over the busy end-of-year holiday season. Stellar Communications more than met that challenge, distinguishing itself as the clear leader among its very capable, pre-qualified competition.

The entire Stellar Communications team exceeded JWR's expectations, excelling in its professionalism, timeliness, knowledge and expertise, working relationship with the Authority Having Jurisdiction, and willingness to pro-actively resolve issues.

I look forward to working with you and your team on future projects. Please feel free to provide my contact information to others in need of a reference on Stellar Communications Group incorporated; it will be my pleasure to speak with them.

Randy Shurr, Sr. Project Manager


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As a property manager, I was tasked with finding proposals to perform the BDA RSSI test for one of my buildings. I received a few, including one from our regular fire system service provider. While managers have a general knowledge of systems, we are not specialists in all areas of fire, life, and safety operations. I was fortunate enough to meet, through referral to Stellar, Robert Harrison, who shared his extensive knowledge on this process. He responded quickly and just as efficiently, provided a code-compliant quote to carry out the 20x20 RSSI grid test at our property, and offered to arrange the DAQ test when this test was completed.

Stellar Communications likely saved the property thousands of dollars in equipment they proved we did not need. Stellar Communications communicated with the local fire department and government representatives on our behalf to be sure we were recorded as being in compliance with the required codes. All of this was proposed, completed, and reported within 2 weeks of our first contact. AMAZING! I would highly recommend them

Tammie Reed, LCAM First Service Residential

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It is with great pleasure that I recommend Stellar Communications Group to any potential designers, clients, General Contractors, or partnering subcontractors looking for an excellent company to design & install their BDA System. Ownership, management, and staff alike not only offer their expertise, but also committed to aid in the timely completion of this project.

This Design/build system, which is new to many of us in the construction industry, was handled with extreme proficiency from its initial design, to meeting with the City of Coral Gables Fire Department staff to ensure we would have a complete and operational system that met their requirements to the completed installation with FCC registration.

All the work was completed to the extreme satisfaction of Kast Construction and Gables Residential. Anytime an issue did arise, it was handled with professionalism and in an expeditious manner. it has been a pleasure to work with a subcontractor who places such high priority on integrity, teamwork, workmanship, and deadlines!

I look forward to working with you on future projects and please feel free to contact me anytime or forward my information to anyone that may wish to speak to me regarding a direct reference on you and your firm. I wish you nothing but continues success!

Troy F. Williams, Sr. Project Manager

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