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Chapter 11.10 of the Florida Fire Protection Code is now being enforced by your local AHJ (fire department). This code calls for BDA systems (ERRCS) to be installed in buildings with insufficient public safety radio coverage. Stellar Communications offers BDA coverage enhancement solutions for residential buildings, meeting all unique jurisdictional, state, and federal code compliance requirements.

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As a property manager, I was tasked with finding proposals to perform the BDA RSSI test for one of my buildings. I received a few including one from our regular fire system service provider. While managers have a general knowledge of systems, we are not specialists in all areas of fire, life, and safety operations.  I was fortunate enough to meet, through referral to Stellar, Robert Harrison, he shared his extensive knowledge on this process.  He responded quickly and just as efficiently, provided a code-compliant quote to carry out the 20x20 RSSI grid test at our property and offered to arrange the DAQ test when this test was completed. Stellar Communications likely saved the property thousands of dollars in equipment they proved we did not need. Stellar Communications communicated with the local fire department and government representatives, on our behalf, to be sure we were recorded as being in compliance with the required codes.  All of this was proposed, completed, and reported within 2 weeks of our first contact.  AMAZING! I would highly recommend them.

-Tammie Reed

Property Manager at Gemini


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Code Compliant BDA

Exceptional service solutions, meeting code compliance requirements

RSSI & DAQ Survey + Report

Radio signal strength coverage testing for fire department and FCC license holder.

BDA Maintenance Contracts

Service Maintenance contracts ensuring systems function and compliance.

BDA Permit Processing

We collaborate with all relevant stakeholders to get permits approved.

Turn-Key BDA Installations

Streamlined installations meeting all local jurisdictional, State, and Federal code requirements.

IBwave Engineering

In-house RF modeling.

Training, Support, Resources

We regularly provide staff training on BDA function and maintenance.

Prevent Common Property Management BDA System Disasters

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Areas Of Expertise

Planning, Budgeting, and Risk Management For BDA

The department responsible for code compliance in a property management company should be familiar with the processes and procedures involved in BDA planning, budgeting, and risk management. Stellar Communications is recognized as a provider of effective resource management and risk management consultation regarding all matters BDA. Our team of experts conduct due diligence, minimizing risks and yielding predictable positive outcomes.


Local, State, and Federal BDA System Compliance Solutions

Stellar Communications is a qualified BDA company providing code compliant BDA testing and installations. Across the United States, we are a preferred and approved vendor of BDA solutions. Throughout our organization, every member of our team shares a unified commitment to service – part of our mission to deliver exceptional service and solutions that add value and enhance the code compliance of every property we serve. Stellar regularly delivers CEU accredited BDA training courses to the Fire Services of Florida through the FFMIA. Our goal is to make a difference for our clients, and we have become an industry leader by adhering to the values upon which our company was founded over a decade ago.

Cooperation With AHJ (Authority Having Jursidiction) and FCC License Holder

One of our unique areas of expertise is streamlining cooperation between the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction), FCC License Holder, and the property owner. While the AHJ is responsible for enforcing minimum First Responder radio coverage requirements, the FCC license holder, directly or by authorized proxy, should participate in the final inspection of a BDA installation and have the ability to fail the installation if certain RF criteria are not met. Should the FCC license holder fail to be notified by the contracted integrator of a BDA installation, The FCC Licensee also has the authority to file a complaint and engage Federal Authorities (FCC) in search of equipment causing harmful interference. Illegal or poorly design systems may damage the public safety system. If this happens, this will result in a fine which the building owner is responsible for.

BDA Testing & System Installation

Stellar Communications provides BDA testing and full turn-key BDA system installations for residential buildings. In the event that the AHJ determines that your building fails to meet minimum emergency responder radio coverage requirements, we will work directly with the property owner throughout the entire project life cycle, ensuring a streamlined BDA system installation meeting all federal and local jurisdictional requirements. Additionally, our code compliance experts can advocate on behalf of our client to protest the mandate for BDA in specific situations.